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“The Aspire Project’s photographs have transformed our building. It feels like a different school and has had a really positive impact on both children and adults alike.”

The Aspire Project started out as a photographic celebration of school life. Our focus is making schools a brighter and more inspirational place for children to learn. We have expanded this vision considerably with our Learning Pods and dividers but always try and incorporate photography whenever we can.

Our natural style of photography captures students in their familiar school surroundings, from classroom to playground, The Aspire Project creates a photographic still life. A visual insight of day to day school life, showing students enjoying lessons and participating in all kinds of social activities.

Our photos promote attentive engaged learning, friendships, healthy eating, dress codes, fun and laughter.

Produced on large format panels and multi panel frames displayed around the school they reflect student ownership and send a powerful positive massage to every viewer.

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