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Learning Pods

A place where small groups can chill out and work in an enclosed fun "surf shack" environment. 

NEW!! Check out this amazing aquarium pod 

An unsightly corner space converted into an

exiting fun place that focus and calms the students. 

Easily convert unused corner spaces.

Pods and walls can easily be connected, disconnected and re-constructed.

Screen off walkways and add pin-board display.

Half height pens work well for containment. 

Great design for inclusion or library study pods.

Room Dividers,  

Walls & Screens

A reception area convereted into a real statement. 

completed makeover of what once was a very uninspiring open space.

A mixture of fabric MDF and tinted acrylic panels.

The brief was to keep good vision not to close the classroom off compleatly

Custom design to your specification.

Classroom screen with interactive panels.

Room partions that do more than divide a space.

From a single panel to a whole classroom .

Mobile display boards ideal for open evenings etc.

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