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It's What We Do

Create a positive learning space.

The Aspire Project  aims to help raise the aspirations of young people by creating positive, educational and interactive learning spaces for students and teachers. It is a unique project that helps schools to not only promote themselves but also the positive learning environments within them.

Real learning cannot take place in a negative environment, in the same way that flowers will not bloom if the soil is not right.


Raise the aspirations of students.

By capturing images of students enjoying and participating in every aspect of their education, our photographic displays have the power to transform corridors, stairwells, receptions, halls and other spaces into a celebration of creative and positive student activity.



By helping to create a warm school environment, we believe that children will achieve more. In fact evidence suggests that students do learn more effectively with increased achievements, within a positive environment.


Achieve more with your existing space.

There are various formats in which we use and promote the images captured around the schools, from single and multi panel displays to collage panels, notice boards and inspirational quotes.


"We must first be inspired, 

then we will achieve" 

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